Dragon Egg Hunt

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On Monday morning we received a letter from a Mummy Dragon telling us that her egg had gone missing from its nest. She asked for our help to find it as she thought it was somewhere near our Nursery. The children followed picture clues to find the dragon egg in the fire pit but…… the egg had already hatched! Luckily the children continued to follow the picture clues and we found the baby dragon hiding in the fort. The children were so excited to find it and told all the other adults once we went back into Nursery.

Each Peach Pear Plum

One of our Reading Spines books is Each Peach Pear Plum. We read this story with the children and talked about the different characters. Then we played I spy with the characters from the book, starting with simply finding the character I named then slightly more difficult clues like ‘I spy with my little eye someone wearing a yellow hat.’ Some children could even identify the characters when given an initial sound like ‘I spy with my little eye someone beginning with w.’ The Wicked Witch!

Happy New Year and Welcome Back

Happy New Year and welcome back to all our Nursery children and their families. Over the first three weeks we are also welcoming our new children. They are settling into Nursery really well and all our older children are doing a fantastic job at showing them our daily routines. Everyone is looking forward to getting to know them and their families better and to all the exciting things we have planned for this term.

Making Christmas Cakes

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Nursery have enjoyed helping to make Christmas cakes. They helped to weigh out all the ingredients and mix them together. The children sieved in the flour and also practiced chopping skills by cutting up the cherries. Once the cakes have been decorated each child will get a mini Christmas cake to take home.

Harlow Carr Thursday 15th November 2018

Another successful trip to Harlow Carr with the rest of the Nursery children. The children took part in the same same workshop as the children who went on Monday, making houses for elves and fairies after their houses were squashed by a dragon. They then had their lunch and then had time to explore the gardens. We were so lucky to have another glorious Autumnal day and all the children and adults had a fantastic time.

Harlow Carr Monday 12th November 2018

Nursery went on a trip to Harlow Carr gardens. The children took part in a workshop where they had to help Dylan the Dragon build new homes for the elves and fairies using logs, sticks, leaves and stones in the woods. After lunch the children had chance to explore the gardens and loved playing on the Log Ness Monster and in the big tree house. It was a very tiring but very fun day and we are very proud of how well the Nursery children did on their first trip.

Our Tower Garden

Come and see the Tower Garden in the Nursery! We are taking part in a project that involves growing different lettuces in a short space of time. It was set up yesterday with many helpers from Nursery and hopefully we will be eating home grown lettuce in 6 weeks time!