Brown bear, brown bear what do you see?

This week our class story has been brown bear, brown bear what do you see? We have had the pleasure of having some parent volunteers read the story in different languages to the children.

Aiesha’s dad read in Arabic and Yasa’s mums read in Kurdish. The children absolutely loved this and were keen to listen to more.

We have been sorting colours and the children have done so well. They have enjoyed finding different things from around the classroom and matching them with the correct coloured card!

Over the weekend our classroom will be transformed into something magical so make sure you come to have a look next week!

Percy’s Hut.

The children arrived back at Nursery his week to find a hut in our classroom. They were very intrigued and curious about it and have spent lots of time exploring and playing inside of it.

We have also been focusing on tidying up our nursery using our rhyme choose it, use it, put it away. You might see som special certificates coming home when your child has done some super tidying!

What a busy week!

We started the week off by baking biscuits in nursery. Lots of the children enjoyed joining in with mixing, pouring and rolling before baking their outset bear biscuits in the oven.

This week was also very exciting for many of the children as we went on our first nursery trip! We got on the coach and travelled to Harlow Carr in Harrogate. The children thought the coach journey was fantastic and could spot lots of animals out of the windows.

Once we arrived we were met by Louise who led our activity during the morning. We went out into the gardens accompanied by Dylan the Dragon who needed our help. We went into the woods and had to rebuild fairy and elf houses as they had been knocked down by a clumsy dragon. The children loved this activity and took care with their house building.

We ate our lunch in the lodge before heading out to find the treehouse. This was very exciting for the children and they loved climbing and exploring this area before find the slide!

We would like to thank all of the parents who volunteered to help and a huge well done to all of the children this week who have been so grown up and made the nursery team feel very proud. We have had a lovely week and I’m sure that the children are suitably tired but happy!


What a fabulous week we have had in Nursery. The children have come back after the holidays and settled back into the routines brilliantly.

This week in our classroom we had noticed a new Diwali house. Through the course of the week the children enjoyed using this area to cook food and look more closely at special lamps, jugs and silverware.

The children have been making Diwa lamps as well as making colourful patterns with small gems.

To end the week, we enjoyed celebrating with some of our parents and even tried on some Diwali celebration outfits that Mrs Ajith kindly brought in for us to try.

The Little Red Hen

This week we have been reading the story ‘the little red hen’. The children have loved this book as there are so many resources we have been using to support our learning.

As well as having props and books for the children to use to retell the story, we have enjoyed watching Pie Corbett tell the story with actions. We loved learning these and saying the story out loud.

We have also told the story through our helicopter stories. The children are developing their understanding of story telling through acting and really enjoy this.

Our favourite activity this week was baking bread! We learnt from the Little Red Hen and baked our own! We all helped each other and enjoyed taking our rolls home with us.

We hope everyone has a lovely half term and we will be looking forward to welcoming all of the children back in a weeks time.

Whiteboard work

This week in Nursery we have been so interested in writing. We have found a new love for using the whiteboards and pens to mark make.

The children have been asking to write their names as well as other things such as numbers. We have been learning rhymes to help us with our number formation and know where to find them in the classroom.

In the last week of half term we will be focusing on the Little Red Hen story and will be baking some bread!

Crazy about conkers!

This week the children have enjoyed looking closely at conkers. Thank you to everyone who went out to collect conkers, we have filled a large water tray!

We have been carrying on with our helicopter stories which the children love. Rolling the carpet back and acting out stories is becoming one of the most popular things to do in Nursery.

This week we also have had our photo taken by Mr Sherborne. The children were fantastic and sat beautifully.

The Three Little Pigs

We can’t believe we have been back at Nursery for 5 weeks already!

This week we found the three little pigs had arrived in our classroom and the children have loved reading our pop up books.

We have also been exploring the feel and colours of our rainbow rice. The children have loved pouring and filling containers and running their hands through the tray.

A very busy week!

With only a few children left to start, Nursery is bustling with excitement. The children are beginning to learn our daily routines and are all being so friendly and helpful towards new children. We are so pleased with how well everyone is coming in to Nursery and how much fun everyone is having.

We have been collecting photos of the children as babies for a display in the classroom. Don’t forget to send one in if you haven’t already!

Meeting new friends!

We have still welcoming in new children and getting used to our new routines. All of the children with us so far have settled brilliantly and are being so grown up saying hello to all of our new starters.

We even started doing some drama in Nursery and had the children acting out a story.