We’ve had an incredible amount of pictures sent in over the weekend so enjoy this slideshow – maybe there are some activities on here that you haven’t thought of yet that you might want to try!

Similar to the rainbow idea – there are now pictures of bears going up in peoples windows. This is so that you can go on a bear hunt (this is one of our favourite stories in Nursery and the children should know it!) Maybe you could go looking for some bears?


A slightly more rainy Friday than we would have liked, but we’ve reached the end of term. It’s been a very strange two weeks but i’m so pleased to have seen everyone keeping busy at home and getting on with lots of fun activities and home learning.

Have a go…

Over the course of the weekend i’d like to set the children the challenge to do something around the house that is helpful. In Nursery we have a helpful hen who reminds us that we need to look around sometimes and think about how we can help those around us.

This could be:
Washing up
Tidying their toys away
Making the bed
Helping to make breakfast/lunch/tea
Wiping the table
Clearing their plates away (they do this at Nursery so are well practiced!)

There are lots of things that could be done – remember to send me pictures, even throughout the holidays.

Over the holidays I will keep up with emails and any photos that are sent to me but will not be blogging daily until Monday 20th April. Here are some activities you may want to have a go at over the next two weeks:

Decorating Easter pictures
Decorate eggs
Easter crafts
Spring crafts
Building a model out of recycling materials
Making playdough
Practicing writing names
Joe Wicks sessions
Explore outdoors

I hope you all continue to keep busy and have a lovely Easter weekend.


The penultimate day before the end of term, a very strange end to Spring term. Rather than blogging everyday over the Easter holidays I will upload a list of activities you may want to have a go at over the two weeks.

I will still be checking my emails and Storypark for your photos so please don’t stop sending them in, they will still be posted on the blog for all to see.

Here are some photos from the past 24 hours:

Here are Charlie and Haris’ beautiful daffodil pictures. These are great drawing boys, well done.

Have a go…

Why not try some simple counting today with the children. We count everything in Nursery: fruit at snack time, children on the carpet, days in the week, cups on the tray.

Why not count to 10, then challenge the children by counting to 20.

You could even write the numbers on pieces of paper and have the children put them in order. You could write pairs of numbers and have the children match them up. You could let the children have a go at writing the numerals.

This video has rhymes for each numeral and this is what we use at Nursery and then in Reception to encourage the children to form them correctly.



I have lots of exciting photos to share with you today. Maddie has been keeping very busy, Dennis has been posing with a tiger, Sebby has been looking at the number 5, Emma has been learning at home with her sister being the teacher, Flynn has been helping his Daddy write a birthday card and Matthew D has been working on his numbers.

Have a go…

With Easter round the corner and Spring underway, why not find an object or item linked to these times of the year and have a go at drawing it.

We have practiced these skills at Nursery; looking carefully with your eyes, noticing each part of your object before using a pencil to draw what you can see. We have used the word sketch before.

Once your pencil drawing is complete, it would be lovely to add some colour. Remember: if you have drawn a daffodil – you will probably need yellow to colour it in!

Here are some ideas that you might be able to find around your house/garden or out on your daily walk.

Small flowers/Blossom
Green leaves
Easter eggs

Send me your final piece of artwork and I will display them on the blog!


It’s the last day of March, the sun is still shining (just) and the evenings are getting longer.

A HUGE well done to Ava, who has learnt to ride her bike without stabilisers this weekend!

We’ve also had some photos from Hajra who looks to be keeping very busy indeed, and Charlie has been practicing his name!

Have a go…

I know that lots of you are enjoying joining in with Joe Wicks on a morning, so why not try some simple yoga today?

There are lots of videos on YouTube, but here are some poses that you could try. This will really test your balancing skills.

Take a quick picture to send to me!

15 Best Yoga Poses For Kids


We hope that you all had a lovely weekend. I have received so many lovely photos of things that the children have been up to. They have been busy baking, gardening and planting, exploring the outdoors, making more rainbows, experimenting and lots more.

Here are some of the photos!

Have a go…

Why not practice writing your name? Write your child’s name in clear, lowercase, not joined up writing and let them have a go.

We encourage the children to collect their name cards when they have done a drawing or painting in Nursery and let them mark make their name. Some children are very confident with this, whereas others need more support.

You should:
Encourage your child to hold their pencil using a pincer grip (see photo below)
Track their name from left to right
Copy each letter of their name in order
Say the soft/pure sounds for each letter

Try to avoid:
Using capital letters when speaking or writing – children do not learn to read or write using capital letters
Holding their pencil alongside them or having them trace letters

Correct pencil grip - YouTube

If you would like to ask any questions about how to go about this or for support with pencil grip, control or pressure then drop me an email kate.fraser@allertonceprimary.com

If you would like me to model how to write your child’s name clearly in order for them to have a go then just let me know.

Happy Monday, stay motivated!


Happy Friday everyone! A huge thankyou to all those who have engaged with the blog this week, there have been some amazing pictures of the children and myself and all of the key workers in Nursery are so pleased you are all keeping busy and happy.

The shadow drawing was a great activity for a sunny day – maybe the children will notice their own shadow more often! Here are some pictures:

As well as shadow drawing yesterday, Sebby and his brother planted seeds. They are very excited to watch them grow – another great activity.

Both Matthew Denton and Matthew Poole have been very busy at home with their learning.

Have a go…

Why not try a simple game of Simon says. This will encourage the children to listen to the instruction carefully and will be fun for all! This could be done inside, outside, at breakfast time, during the afternoon. Encourage siblings to join in and then maybe the children will feel confident enough to play the game without an adult.

Make sure to take some pictures and add them to Storypark or email me on kate.fraser@allertonceprimary.com


Thank you to those sending photos in, they are so lovely to see and i’m glad to see everyone still smiling and the sun is still out!

Here are some pictures to catch up on:

Some great activities going on! Aaron’s ‘Hello’ sign, Charlies hopscotch, Haris using Numicon and Emma spending some time learning alongside her big sister!

Have a go…

Why not try shadow drawing? All you need is some paper, colouring pencils or pens, some sunlight and an object to draw.

I’ll be trying this one during the day and will upload my photos when I am done!

Have fun!

Here is an example!