Pancake Day

Nursery have been decorating and tasting pancakes. They had a range of toppings to try including bananas, blueberries, honey, lemon and sugar. They children really enjoyed choosing what they would put on their pancake and then sitting with their friends to taste them!

3 thoughts on “Pancake Day

  1. It looks like your day tasting toppings on pancakes was really fun!!! I wish I could do that too. I am guessing that they tasted delicious because it looks like you had fun. I hope you now know what you want on your pancakes on pancake day!!! How were they? Do they taste as amazing as they look?

  2. Awww! It looks like pancake day was AMAZING! I’m now jealous of those delicious pancakes… I hope you enjoyed it and had fun, wish I could eat them!

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