We have some lovely photos to share today, thanks to all who have sent some in.

Have a go…

Today i’d like you to think about 1-1 correspondence. This is simply the ability to match an object to the corresponding number, for example asking for 3 pencils and getting 3 pencils in return.

This can be done indoors or outdoors with small or large objects. It is easier for the children to start with smaller numbers to build confidence – maybe try starting with ‘can I have 2 teddy bears’. Encourage the children to count out loud when they are handing you their objects, or even ask them to put them in a line on the floor – this helps with larger numbers.

Another tip – try not to go in order from 1-5, mix it up to challenge the children! You could even write the numerals down and support the children find the correct numeral before counting out the objects.

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