Our Tower Garden

Come and see the Tower Garden in the Nursery! We are taking part in a project that involves growing different lettuces in a short space of time. It was set up yesterday with many helpers from Nursery and hopefully we will be eating home grown lettuce in 6 weeks time!

Arts week


We have has a brilliant week with Mrs Johnston. We read the book The Green Line and used it as a stimulus for our own walk. We took our own green line out and about in the school grounds. Each walk was very different and the children led the walk! We painted flowers, drew green lines and painted green patterns on the playground.

Thank you for coming to the Arts celebration too, and we hope you enjoyed the green line walk too! If you were unable to come, please feel free to come into Nursery to see the children’s work.

Bathing Baby Bilal

On Thursday, Kareem’s baby brother came to nursery for a bath! He was so good, and seemed to enjoy the attention during bath time. We watched how his mother got him ready for the bath, and checked the temperature of the water. We had a turn to come and wash him, and dry him too. We also enjoyed sharing a story with him during and after the bath! Can you believe he did not cry at all?