Making Christmas Cakes

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Nursery have enjoyed helping to make Christmas cakes. They helped to weigh out all the ingredients and mix them together. The children sieved in the flour and also practiced chopping skills by cutting up the cherries. Once the cakes have been decorated each child will get a mini Christmas cake to take home.

Harlow Carr Thursday 15th November 2018

Another successful trip to Harlow Carr with the rest of the Nursery children. The children took part in the same same workshop as the children who went on Monday, making houses for elves and fairies after their houses were squashed by a dragon. They then had their lunch and then had time to explore the gardens. We were so lucky to have another glorious Autumnal day and all the children and adults had a fantastic time.

Harlow Carr Monday 12th November 2018

Nursery went on a trip to Harlow Carr gardens. The children took part in a workshop where they had to help Dylan the Dragon build new homes for the elves and fairies using logs, sticks, leaves and stones in the woods. After lunch the children had chance to explore the gardens and loved playing on the Log Ness Monster and in the big tree house. It was a very tiring but very fun day and we are very proud of how well the Nursery children did on their first trip.

Our Tower Garden

Come and see the Tower Garden in the Nursery! We are taking part in a project that involves growing different lettuces in a short space of time. It was set up yesterday with many helpers from Nursery and hopefully we will be eating home grown lettuce in 6 weeks time!

After the Storm Story Cafe

A big thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to our After the storm Story Cafe before half term. The children enjoyed sharing the story with all the adults who came and then joining in with different activities in Nursery. They played in our Percy the Park Keepers Hut role play and helped stick ‘bark’ onto the tube to make a tree for the area. The children did some leaf printing and made leaf crowns and also painted pictures of the animals from the story.


We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt

After reading the story ‘Going on a Leaf Hunt’ Nursery went on their own leaf hunt around the school grounds.

‘We’re going on a leaf hunt. We’re going right away. Let’s find colourful leaves. It’s a wonderful day.

Over the mountain.

And found some yellow leaves.

Through the woods.

Around the waterfall.

And found some red leaves.

Across the lake.

Argh, a snake! Run!

Back across the lake. row row, plip plop. Back around the waterfall. Slip slide, splish splash. Back through the forest. Squish squash, squish squash. Back over the mountain. Huff puff, huff puff.

We’re home. We went on a leaf hunt. What a wonderful day! We found lots of colourful leaves. Now let’s jump and play.’


In Nursery we are talking about and looking for signs of Autumn. All the children have been for a walk around the school grounds to collect leaves and look at the trees. In Nursery we have had some autumn coloured sensory rice and an autumn exploration table. The children have also used some of their leaves along with coloured tissue paper and pastels to make some autumn collages.