We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt

After reading the story ‘Going on a Leaf Hunt’ Nursery went on their own leaf hunt around the school grounds.

‘We’re going on a leaf hunt. We’re going right away. Let’s find colourful leaves. It’s a wonderful day.

Over the mountain.

And found some yellow leaves.

Through the woods.

Around the waterfall.

And found some red leaves.

Across the lake.

Argh, a snake! Run!

Back across the lake. row row, plip plop. Back around the waterfall. Slip slide, splish splash. Back through the forest. Squish squash, squish squash. Back over the mountain. Huff puff, huff puff.

We’re home. We went on a leaf hunt. What a wonderful day! We found lots of colourful leaves. Now let’s jump and play.’


In Nursery we are talking about and looking for signs of Autumn. All the children have been for a walk around the school grounds to collect leaves and look at the trees. In Nursery we have had some autumn coloured sensory rice and an autumn exploration table. The children have also used some of their leaves along with coloured tissue paper and pastels to make some autumn collages.


Welcome to Nursery

Welcome to Nursery everyone! After a lovely summer we are so glad to be back. We have some children who have returned to Nursery and have also started to welcome some new children. The older children are doing a great job at helping us settle the new children in and showing them the routines of our day. Keep checking the blog to keep up with all the exciting things we are doing!