We are almost at the end of June and the weather has taken a turn for the worst! Here are some lovely pictures to catch up on.

Have a go…

This week we will be thinking about getting your fingers nice and strong by doing lots of finger gym activities. We have lots of these out in provision around Nursery during the week and the children love joining in!

Today you will need:
Cotton buds

Use the cotton buds to dip in paint. Holding the cotton buds could be a challenge for some children, support them by moving them away from a fist grip and into a tripod grip – similar to that when you hold a pencil to write or draw. Using their finger muscles to hold these buds will be a great strengthening activity.

Create a beautiful dot picture – this could be a rainbow, animal, car, flower etc, be imaginative!


Thanks to everyone who has completed their all about me sheet this week, they look fantastic!

Have a go…

Today for our last number challenge of the week – can the children count things that cannot be moved. Children find it easier to count with 1-1 correspondence when they can physically move the objects when they are counting them. Today challenge the children by asking them to count things around them that cannot be moved. Support them and ensure that they remember where they started as to not count things twice! This can be quite difficult at first but a challenge I am sure the children are ready for!


We have some lovely photos to share today, thanks to all who have sent some in.

Have a go…

Today i’d like you to think about 1-1 correspondence. This is simply the ability to match an object to the corresponding number, for example asking for 3 pencils and getting 3 pencils in return.

This can be done indoors or outdoors with small or large objects. It is easier for the children to start with smaller numbers to build confidence – maybe try starting with ‘can I have 2 teddy bears’. Encourage the children to count out loud when they are handing you their objects, or even ask them to put them in a line on the floor – this helps with larger numbers.

Another tip – try not to go in order from 1-5, mix it up to challenge the children! You could even write the numerals down and support the children find the correct numeral before counting out the objects.


Yesterday I emailed out new sessions and time slots for google meets for the children before the summer holidays. Please check these as it would be great to see as many children as possible.

Haris has completed his sheet ready for his new teacher and uploaded it to storypark – great work!

Have a go…

It is meant to be beautiful weather today, so why not take your maths outside. We are focusing on number this week and so far you have been counting and practicing your number formation skills. Today why not count objects that you can see around you and make a note of the number on a piece of paper? You might even want to draw the object too. For example, you might draw a house and then count 1,2,3,4 – try to write the number 4.

You could look for large objects like houses, or small ones like flowers. This can be done inside too if it is too hot outside, look for things in the kitchen to count like forks!


This week we are working hard at trying to arrange new time slots to have one more set of google meets for the children before we break up for the summer holidays. I will be sending out a parentmail with information on times and groups so keep your eyes peeled.

Have a go…

Todays challenge is all about number. Hopefully you got some counting in yesterday whether that was through song, counting objects around the house, or just looking at how many fingers we have.

Here is the youtube video we use in school when thinking about how to form numbers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlfQhHQAUCY&t=1s

Why not start with how old you are and practice writing your number? This will come in handy when you are filling in your activity sheet and it’s great to practice holding your pencil and forming the numbers correctly.

Adults you could write out each number on separate pieces of paper, jumble them up and see if they children can put them back in order from 1-5 or 1-10 if they are feeling confident!


We’re well into the final half term of the year and the sun is shining once again. Hopefully you are all still keeping busy and enjoying time at home with your families. I have seen some recent pictures of some families meeting up with grandparents for the first time in months which is really lovely to see. Make sure you snap some pictures of the things you are getting up to and email them directly to me (kate.fraser@allertonceprimary.com) or alternatively upload them onto storypark.

Have a go…

This week it would be lovely if you could have a look at this All about me activity sheet. Following on from last week, we are beginning to think about transitions from Nursery into Reception. With new teachers, friends and classrooms it is a lovely time to reflect on things that you enjoy doing. I have attached the template, feel free to download and print or fill in on the computer. You could draw, collage, write your ideas down. It is important that the children have an awareness of their own name, what it looks like and can make plausible attempts at writing some of their sounds. It would be fantastic to maybe do some counting and discuss how old the children are and how they represent this.

Take a picture of your final product and upload or email them to me along with any extras (such as a page of collaged pictures or drawings).

Tomorrow I will upload another additional simple task to be getting on with. This week we will focus on Maths so starting with basic counting songs and games is a great place to start. 5 little ducks, 5 little speckled frogs, 5 little men, 10 green bottles are some of our favourites at Nursery!


I hope that you all managed to go into school to collect your packs for next year over the past week or so. Mrs Willis and all of the other adults from Nursery told me how excited they were to see you.

Have a go…

This week you may be meeting your new teacher for the first time. Your nursery adults are looking forward to seeing you when you come to pick up your packs. Why not make your new teacher a picture of you, with your name written on the top. You could ask your adult to help you draw and outline but you could decorate yourself however you want. Your new teacher would love to know a little about you so be creative!