Our last week at Nursery before the holidays.

We have had such a fantastic week at Nursery this week. Wednesday was our nativity and party day and the children absolutely loved it! I have hopefully imbedded the nativity videos correctly so that you can view them… enjoy looking at the photos too! The children were BRILLIANT and the singing was something else! A huge well done to them all.

Here is our morning performance – the children in this performance were our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday children, full time children and our morning children.


Here is our afternoon performance – the children in this were our Wednesday, Thursday, Friday children, full time children and afternoon children.


Thank you for all your support over the course of this term, it’s been a tough one for us all but we are just so pleased to have made it to the end and that we have been able to have the children here full time since we came back in September. The safety measures put in place for Nursery have obviously worked really well and I hope that you have felt safe and have felt your children were safe attending Nursery. It really is the best place for them to be as the friendships and the development this term in particular are so important.

We hope you have a wonderful 2 weeks off and come back in January feeling refreshed!

Nursery Team

1 thought on “Our last week at Nursery before the holidays.

  1. They did so well! Thankyou so much to the nursery team! You have gone above and beyond this term and made nursery so much fun…Georgia asks to go on weekends! You have really ended 2020 on a high in difficult times. Enjoy a well deserved break!

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