Glad to be back!

On Wednesday we welcomed the children back and it was lovely to have them back in the setting and enjoying our new provision areas. We had a fantastic present of brand new dinosaurs from Friends before the holidays and everybody has been so excited to play with them. We also have seen a brand new Lego area. Lego/Duplo/building is fantastic in supporting children’s fine motor skills and they have loved using the bricks to build their own models and have been using the existing ones to play with. They have come back settled, grown up and ready for school and it has been so lovely to watch them all playing nicely together again.

We have been reading the Three Little Pigs this week, this is a story that the children know and love and they have been showing off joining in with most of the words when we are reading it! We have been acting out the story and pretending to be different characters – this is a lovely activity for you to try at home – having the children play different characters in the story.

Here are some lovely photos of the children playing beautifully together. We are just on our way out to play in the snow! Have a good weekend.

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