A very busy week.

Wow, what a week we have had in Nursery! We came back after the weekend and found that all the snow that we had seen had melted and all that was left of our snowman, Frosty, was a heap of ice.

This week in Nursery we have welcomed some new children. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming which has really helped settle the new children, so please do praise your children for this as kindness is something they all possess and have shown this week.

Yesterday we saw snow again and this time it didn’t stop! The children love being outside in the snow and our outdoor playground is great for building snowmen, having snowball fights, slipping and sliding. We hope you all got home safely yesterday as we know it was pretty treacherous out there.

The snow is still thick on the ground today so why not have some fun at home. Try building a snowman or a snow animal like Mrs Fan’s rabbit! Make sure you send me some lovely pictures playing in the snow kate.fraser@allertonceprimary.com or add to tapestry!

Thank you for sending in these photos of the children in the snow, there are some very impressive snowmen!

1 thought on “A very busy week.

  1. Ohhh I am sorry your sledge was broken Georgia but you surely had a great time in the snow and I am sure a broken sledge is not going to stop you having more fun in the snow today!

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