Back to school!

Welcome back to everyone after our holidays. It has been so lovely being back in Nursery and the weather in this week has been the icing on the cake. The children are all enjoying our enw topic ‘growing’. This week our main focused activity has been starting our beans ina bag experiment. I hope the children can tell you all about this as each of them has planted a bean in a bag and it is now living on the window, we all have our fingers crossed they will grow!

We have new provision areas and we have new children! This week we welcome more new starters so may be some new faces at pick up and drop off time. It is a lovely term for these children to be starting Nursery and the existing children have been making them feel very welcome.

You should all have received your school choice but if you have any questions please let me know. The children who started with us in January or April this year most likely are staying with us in Nursery next year and you do not need to reapply for a place. They automatically get carried through to our registers for September.

Parents evening consultations are now open so please make sure you book a slot with your child’s key person. If you are unsure who this is then please ask. Nursery staff (excluding myself -Miss Fraser) will only be doing the long Wednesday as this is enough appointments for the amount of children in their key groups. If you are having trouble booking let me know and I can help get that organised.

Snack this week
After asking for your feedback on snacks that you have at home, the children are now involved in making snack each day and we have changed up what we are having! We are showing the children how to chop fruit, butter bread, scoop out dip and lots more skills in the kitchen. This week for snack we had:
Fresh fruit every morning (apples, pears, bananas, carrots)
Afternoon snack:
Breadsticks and tzatziki
Cheese and Pineapple
Crutides (carrot and cucumber sticks) and hummus
Falafel and crackers
Toast and butter

The children have really enjoyed trying new things and next week we will be having fresh fruit on an afternoon and new snacks during the morning sessions.

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  1. Hello dear we moved to this area 2/3 weeks ago so i wantd to apply for nursery place for my daughter in your nursery but i could not fine application or how to apply? Kindly guide/ help me

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