Trip to St Leonard’s Farm – Tuesday 9th July

Nursery had a fantastic day at St Leonard’s Farm. The children saw and stroked lots of different animals such as a lamb, kid, ferret, rabbit, guinea pig, mouse, hen, and a duckling during a workshop with Farmer James. They also went on a tractor trailer ride and had a play in the fun barn. It was a very tiring but very fun day. A big thank you to all the parents who helped!

Sports Day

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After having to postpone our original sports day on Wednesday due to the rain the end of the week and afternoon children managed to have their sports day on Friday afternoon. The children tired so hard in all their races and made everyone very proud. They took part in a running race, a beanbag relay, balancing quoits on heads relay and finally the egg and spoon race. We finished the afternoon with a parents race, thank you to those who joined in. A big thank you to everyone who came and supported the children!

We will let you know the date for our beginning of the week and morning children’s sports day as soon as possible.

Visiting Pets at Home

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The Nursery children have been enjoying visiting Pets at Home in Meanwood over the last two weeks. We walked down to the Moor Allerton retail park and got on the number 52 or 51 bus to Meanwood. Then the children looked around Pets at Home, looking at the fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and hamsters as well as all the different things you can buy to help look after your pet. Finally we got the bus back and walked up the hill back to Nursery.

We are aiming to take the rest of the children over the last few weeks of term!

Our Pets

In Nursery we are learning about pets and how to look after them. Some children have sent us pictures of their pets. Here we have Celia with her Grandma’s dog Mo, Jaxon with his dog Neo, Maisie with her cat Lola and Charlie with his dog Monty. Please send us any pictures of your child with their pets.


The Department for Education (DfE) is launching a campaign to promote and raise awareness of the benefits that using 30 hours childcare can have for working families. We were delighted to be asked to help make a promotional film at our Nursery.

Claire from Leeds shares her story of how #30hours childcare helped give her back her “independence”

Hear more from Claire and other families who have benefited from 30 hours here

Want to find out if you’re eligible and apply for Tax-Free Childcare and 30 hours free childcare? Watch this video for step- by-step guidance on what you need to apply 👉 #ChildcareChoices @educationgovuk

New Arrivals

We had a very exciting end to the half term with seven of our eggs hatching. The children came into Nursery one morning to the faint sound of cheeping and went to find some chicks had hatched in the incubator. We left them in the incubator for a little while to dry out and keep warm then moved them into the run. The children loved watching them and talked about how we needed to care for them by giving them food and water and a heat lamp to keep them warm. Some children drew pictures of the chicks and labelled their drawings. They were starting to get a lot bigger by half term so have now gone back to the farm where we got the eggs.

Tuesday Outdoor Stay and Play

On Tuesday afternoon we welcomed parents and grandparents to our first Outdoor Stay and Play session. The children loved showing all the adults around our amazing new outdoor space and the adults enjoyed finally getting to have a play too! Look out for more photos of our other stay and play sessions this week.

Official Opening by Nile Wilson

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On Friday, Nile Wilson came to officially open our outdoor area. Mrs Johnston taught Nile at a previous school and invited him to come and see the wonderful playground. Nile won a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics and even though he is coming back from injury managed a few gymnastic stunts for us! The children were in awe and hopefully might be inspired too!

Thank you Mrs Johnston for arranging this for Reception and Nursery.

Library Visit

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On Monday some children walked to Moor Allerton Library to look at books and read stories. Unfortunately the children’s section of the library was closed due to a flood but we found a quiet corner to read some lovely stories in. The children enjoyed the walk to and from the library and were very good at listening to instructions and crossing the roads safely.


This week we are very excited as we have collected 12 eggs from the farm and put them into our incubator. With the children we talked about how the incubator keeps the eggs warm and also how it slowly rocks the eggs backwards and forwards as a hen would do on their nest. We also explained how the children need to keep their hands behind their backs when they are looking so that we don’t knock into or bump the incubator. Each key group has a countdown sheet that we will tick off each day and in around 21 days we should have some new arrivals in Nursery. Very exciting!