We have finally made it to the end of what feels like a very short half term and a very strange end to the school year. We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all of the children and parents for engaging with the blog, emails, video calls and general activities during lockdown and the weeks that have followed. We have certainly missed the children and not seeing them in person everyday has been very strange but knowing that you would send in photos, be present for video calls among many more things has kept us all going. I hope the children have enjoyed some of the activities and that lockdown hasn’t been too terrible. There has always been something exciting to do or look forward to and another big thank you for the positive messages and kind words via emails or in person (over the last few weeks.)

Please continue to send in photos over the summer if you feel you would like the nursery staff to see what the children are getting up to but have a well earned rest from home learning and activities and enjoy the next 6 weeks that you get to spend together before (hopefully) a more normal start to the next school year.

I’ve felt really proud of all of the children and know that all of the nursery team will miss those moving onto Reception but look forward to seeing most of you again when you return in September.


Sebby has been trying really hard with his writing – keep up the good work! Ella-Rose loved looking through her profile at home with mum.

Have a go…

After seeing Matthew D on google meet last week, I thought it might be fun to do some paper craft. Matthew loves cutting and is very good at using scissors. Here is a video for some easy paper animals to make.


Use coloured paper or colour in your own paper and see what creations you can come up with. ENcourage the children to do the folding/cutting first before you step in. If they are using scissors make sure their thumb is in the top hole and they use one or two fingers in the hole at the bottom.


If you haven’t collected your child’s profile, it will be kept in Nursery until September – please remember to collect this when you start back. If you are leaving us to go to a different Primary school, please email me to arrange a time this week or a date in September to collect it – lots of hard work and effort goes into the profiles and they are a lovely thing to keep to remember your child’s time at Nursery.

Have a go…

It’s another rainy day in July and we are winding down for summer. Why not make a den inside your house – on your bed with your bed sheets or a fort from the sofa cushions. Use your imagination and create your own magic land to play in.


Have a go…

It is the last week of term before moving through to Reception in September for lots of our Nursery children. Please do come and collect their profiles, they will love showing you these over the summer holidays.

Today why not go on a bug hunt. Think about the word ‘habitat’. Do all bugs live in the same place? Why? Question the children to get them thinking, can they explain why they have said yes or no? Do all bugs look the same and eat the same things?

I know a lot of you love bugs and even holding them so remember to snap a few pictures!


It is officially our last week of the summer term before we break up for the summer holidays! It was so lovely last week to see lots of you on our google meetings, Mrs Rawson and Miss Pridden loved seeing those who joined.

Please do come and collect your things from Nursery today 1-2 or tomorrow 10-11. I have already received some emails asking if collection could be another tie/given to siblings etc so if you do have any queries please email me kate.fraser@allertonceprimary.com

Have a go…

Whilst we haven’t been in Nursery for a long time now, I hope that most of you have enjoyed going into school to meet your new teacher and spend an hour or so in class with some of your friends. I have heard that these times have been really enjoyed by all.

Today – why not make a friend a card/picture/drawing? You could collage them a picture or simply draw you together playing. Make sure you write your name on the back and even give their name a go too – ask an adult how to spell their name, or email me! I’m sure you would love to receive a picture or card from a friend from Nursery so once you have done it send it in to me so that I can post it on the blog.

Parents – you could model how to write in a card:
‘To ___

I miss you.

From ___’

Challenge the children to think of their own message and even try to copy the sounds in the words.


After a long chat with storypark I finally have access!! However – as a school out subscription is coming to an end so please download your child’s photos and stories as sometime in the near future our accounts will all be suspended. We are looking into renewing this subscription but also thinking about moving to Tapestry. Watch this space!

Here are some lovely pictures that you have uploaded that I haven’t been able to see!

This afternoon I will be sending out a parentmail regarding coming to collect your child’s belongings from Nursery. We are offering two hour time slots – Monday 13th at 1pm-2pm and then Tuesday 14th at 10am-11am. There is no need to book, please feel free to come anytime between those times. We will have a member of Nursery staff on hand to pass you profiles, slippers and anything else we have found hiding in Nursery that belongs to your child. This is only for those leaving us for Reception – our returning Nursery children will leave everything right where it is!


Mrs Rawson and I are very much looking forward to seeing some of you later on our google meets, I will be sending out the link to those groups shortly.

Have a go…

Using the animals that you thought of on Monday, now we will be doing a literacy task. Can you hear the initial sounds in the words? Have an adult say the word loudly and clearly, emphasising the first sound in each word. If you have chosen a whale – the initial sound is ‘w’. Remember to say the soft sounds and don’t use capital letters. If you want to challenge ourself – can you hear any other sounds, perhaps the end sound?


Unfortunately still no storypark access, please do send the pictures on to my email so that I can upload them to our blog!

Have a go…

Yesterday you thought about different animals and got together some pictures or drawings of some of your favourites. Today i’d like you to think about how you can sort and organise these animals. For example, you might sort them into animals with 2 legs and animals with 4 legs.

Are there any animals that you have thought of that don;t fit into these headings? You can use these headings or think of your own, maybe sk an adult to scribe them for you so that you can physically move the pictures/drawings/toys to the correct one.

You could choose colours, habitat or many more for your headings. Take some pictures of your sorting!

Animal sorting EYFS small world | People who help us, Small world ...


Good morning! I have emailed storypark (again) to ask them to contact me to fix the issue I am having. I can see that lots of you are uploading onto the site, however I still cannot see them. If you want to email them directly to me please do!

Have a go…

This half term we would have been looking at animals and thinking about describing them, where they live, how they are different to each other and key characteristics of different animals/species.

Today why not collect pictures of your favourite animals ready to move into the next few activities this week. You could get them from the internet, draw them from books you have, draw them from memory or have an adult support you writing the names of the animals. Try to think of the initial sound on your own!

You could make a collage of these pictures, a mini scrapbook or colour them all on the same page. This week we will be exploring these animals!


I have spoken to storypark who say they are on with fixing the issue, I can see some people can still log in to post and I am getting notifications for these but then cannot log in to see the photos!

Thanks to those who joined our calls yesterday, Mrs Fan and I loved seeing you. Some of the boys got together and compared dinosaurs – Matthew P’s family counted his after our meeting and he has an impressive collection!

Have a go…

It is the end of our finger gym week – please keep up the exercises or fine motor movements with the children, holding small objects, tweezers, pegging the washing out etc as it will support their finger muscles and development ready for Reception!

Today why not try threading? You could have the children practice re-lacing their trainers, if you have pipe cleaners they are great for threading through anything (beads included), shoe laces through pasta etc. We have activities like this out during the day at nursery so the children should be confident to give it a go!