Sports day

Today has been absolutely amazing and we just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to all of the children – they were absolute superstars all day. The races for sports day went so smoothly, everybody did good listening, followed instructions, ran fast and had fun! We zoom called Sebby, who is unfortunately isolating and he helped cheer everybody on. I took a gazillion pictures and have managed to whittle them down to 144 so here they all are.

Friday activity

Well done everyone who gave the matching activity a go yesterday. Sebby also had something exciting happen at home – the caterpillars he has been looking after have finally turned into butterflies! Next week we will ask him all about it.

Today’s activity:
It is going to be very hot today and this weekend and it our last day in isolation today so take some time to cool off inside and learn how to draw a minibeast. These easy step by step guides will help show the children how to draw their favourite minibeasts. This supports concentration, fine motor pencil control, hand eye coordination and lots more! So many of our children love the arts and crafts and writing tables so this is a great activity! Here are a few examples I have found. Feel free to google more if you can think of some! Make sure to upload them to tapestry!

Thursday activity

Thank you for sending in your beautiful symmetrical butterflies. Here they are!

Today’s activity:
Have a look at the description cards but don’t show the children (unless you can print them out and chop them up). Read the minibeast description to them and see if they can guess what minibeast you are describing!

Wednesday activity

Hello. A massive thankyou to all of those who sent in photos of yesterday’s activity! Here they are..have a look through to see if you can spot your friends!

Today’s activity:

Can you make a symmetrical butterfly? You will need an adult to draw or print a butterfly on paper before you decorate with paint or something that is printable. Only decorate one side/half of the butterfly then fold in half and see your design print perfectly onto the other side! Keep uploading to tapestry or to my email!

Symmetrical Butterfly Painting | Caitie's Classroom | Learning Videos For  Kids - YouTube

Tuesday activity

Hello, as we are back in isolation I will be blogging an activity daily for you to try at home. As we are doing about worms in Nursery and this week we had lots of worm activities planned, it would be great if you could do some threading with your child/children. Yesterday some children threaded cheerios onto pipe cleaners to make a worm (and then got to eat the cereal) which was really fun and great for their fine motor development.

Cheerio Caterpillars - Fine Motor Skills Activity for Preschoolers | Fine  motor skills activities, Motor skills activities, Minibeasts activities

If you have string, ribbon, pipe cleaners or even part of the washing line you can use anything with a hole to thread. Pasta, cereal, beads etc.

Threading with Noodles - Sweet Peas and ABCs

Don’t forget to upload your photos to tapestry for us to see! I will share them on the blog tomorrow.


This week we have been reading the story Yucky Worms. It is a lovely story but also has a lot of facts about worms. As we have been so lucky with the weather this week we haven’t been able to find any worms in our outdoor area but as soon as it rains and the ground is wet we are hoping that we start to see them! We have, however, seen two caterpillars continue to grow. They are now quite big and the children check on them most days to see if they have made a cocoon yet. There are bees and wasps, dragonflies and ants. The children love pointing them out and don’t feel nervous or worried about holding them or seeing them which is great!

We have been doing lots of fun activities related to worms…worm painting, worm threading, worm maths! Here are some pictures.

Next Wednesday is our sports day. I have been handing out slips with your childs house colour on it. If you are unsure or haven’t received one please let me know. If your child has a sibling in school they have the same house colour! Please send them in their colour t-shirt on Wednesday next week. Parents are not allowed to this event, I will be taking photos and filming to put on the blog and to send to you.

Our end of year picnics are the last week of term – w.b 19/7. There are two slots for each group due to the sessions the children come in so please have a look and decide which one you would like to come to. It is 1 parent per child (per picnic).

For snack this week we have had:
Pitta and hummus
Malt loaf
Cheese twists
Rice cakes and cream cheese

Another warm week…

We have been enjoying the sun again this week and with the start of Wimbledon the children have been practicing their tennis skills outside!

We are really getting stuck into our minibeast topic and have been learning more about bees this week. We have seen lots in our outside area and have lots of lovely flowers for them to land on to collect pollen and nectar. The children know not to get too close or try to touch them but have been very calm and still whilst having a look!

Over the next few weeks our children moving into Reception will be spending time with their new class teacher as the two transition days originally planned in cannot go ahead as planned due to COVID restrictions. The children will still get plenty of opportunities to be with their new teacher. We are also talking a lot about the change and it is a really positive experience for everyone and the children are very excited. For those staying with us in Nursery next year, they know that lots of their friends will be moving next door and that we will be welcoming new children to Nursery which they are also looking forward to!

For snack this week we have had:
Natural yoghurt
Strawberries and blueberries
Scotch pancakes
Toast and honey


This week we have been thinking about bugs. We have looked at books about bugs and have talked about what they look like. The children have enjoyed going out into the woods on a minibeast hunt and have come back with slugs, snails, beetles, millipedes and lots more!

We have also been making a bug hotel with the tins sent in from home. The children enjoyed collecting the sticks and leaves to fill these with and we hope that once we put it outside, lots of bugs can live here!

Next week the children who are staying at ACE will be meeting their new teacher and spending some time with them. This will look a little different to it has in the past due to COVID but the Reception teachers will be coming through to spend time with children moving into their class and will get to know them all a bit better!

Sports day: unfortunately this year we will not be having parents attend our sports day but we will record this and upload it for you to watch at home with your child.

For snack this week we have had:
Rice cakes
Dried apricots and blueberries
Pitta bread and cream cheese
Cereal bars

What’s your favourite food?

This was a question we have talked lots about and the children came up with some fantastic suggestions. Some children love strawberries, others love pancakes, some love pears and others love sausages! The children tried hard when drawing their favourite things and coloured them n beautifully.

We also practiced counting and used paint to dot the correct amount!

This week we will be thinking about lots of different minibeasts and making a hotel for them along with other fun minibeast activities!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week we have welcomed everyone back after the May half term holidays and it is so good to be back! We have started looking at the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and have taken part in some great activities this week already. The children have made fruit kebabs which you may have seen on tapestry, collaged butterflies and practiced tearing and ripping, read the story to their friends, used small props to help retell the story and much more!

Next Wednesday 16th June is our Nursery open day for new parents and children starting in September. The Nursery will be closed for all children EXCEPT our full time 30 hour children. This is because the Nursery staff will be taking time out of class throughout the day to meet their new children in the gazebo.

Just a reminder that our library days are Monday morning and Thursday afternoon, if you want to bring your bag on another day we can leave it in Nursery and change on these days.

Next week we will be continuing reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the children will be diving deeper into the story and other fun activities.

For snack this week we had:
Breadsticks and tzatziki
Crackers and cheese
Strawberry yoghurt
Fruit loaf

If you would like to share what you have for snack at home here is the link to the forms.