This week our story has been Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children love this story and have really enjoyed acting it out. They did this with an adult at first but throughout the week we have noticed more children acting out the characters and the text themselves sin their play.

We have also been settling in the new children who are doing so well! They are loving being in Nursery and making new friends.

Please do continue to practice putting shoes and coats on with your children at home – having them be able to do their own shoes and coats means we have a lot more time to play! Also most of the children are confident when using the toilet independently but please continue to encourage them if they are still a little unsure.

It is still early days for the new children and they are doing so well considering parents are not coming into the setting and settling them. Lots of children still get upset at drop off and I wanted to say that this is normal! We always try to send a picture or an email once they have settled (which is usually 2 minuets after arriving!) so please don’t worry! If anything was wrong we would always give you a call to collect them, so presume no news is good news!

A very busy week.

Wow, what a week we have had in Nursery! We came back after the weekend and found that all the snow that we had seen had melted and all that was left of our snowman, Frosty, was a heap of ice.

This week in Nursery we have welcomed some new children. Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming which has really helped settle the new children, so please do praise your children for this as kindness is something they all possess and have shown this week.

Yesterday we saw snow again and this time it didn’t stop! The children love being outside in the snow and our outdoor playground is great for building snowmen, having snowball fights, slipping and sliding. We hope you all got home safely yesterday as we know it was pretty treacherous out there.

The snow is still thick on the ground today so why not have some fun at home. Try building a snowman or a snow animal like Mrs Fan’s rabbit! Make sure you send me some lovely pictures playing in the snow or add to tapestry!

Thank you for sending in these photos of the children in the snow, there are some very impressive snowmen!

Glad to be back!

On Wednesday we welcomed the children back and it was lovely to have them back in the setting and enjoying our new provision areas. We had a fantastic present of brand new dinosaurs from Friends before the holidays and everybody has been so excited to play with them. We also have seen a brand new Lego area. Lego/Duplo/building is fantastic in supporting children’s fine motor skills and they have loved using the bricks to build their own models and have been using the existing ones to play with. They have come back settled, grown up and ready for school and it has been so lovely to watch them all playing nicely together again.

We have been reading the Three Little Pigs this week, this is a story that the children know and love and they have been showing off joining in with most of the words when we are reading it! We have been acting out the story and pretending to be different characters – this is a lovely activity for you to try at home – having the children play different characters in the story.

Here are some lovely photos of the children playing beautifully together. We are just on our way out to play in the snow! Have a good weekend.

Our last week at Nursery before the holidays.

We have had such a fantastic week at Nursery this week. Wednesday was our nativity and party day and the children absolutely loved it! I have hopefully imbedded the nativity videos correctly so that you can view them… enjoy looking at the photos too! The children were BRILLIANT and the singing was something else! A huge well done to them all.

Here is our morning performance – the children in this performance were our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday children, full time children and our morning children.

Here is our afternoon performance – the children in this were our Wednesday, Thursday, Friday children, full time children and afternoon children.

Thank you for all your support over the course of this term, it’s been a tough one for us all but we are just so pleased to have made it to the end and that we have been able to have the children here full time since we came back in September. The safety measures put in place for Nursery have obviously worked really well and I hope that you have felt safe and have felt your children were safe attending Nursery. It really is the best place for them to be as the friendships and the development this term in particular are so important.

We hope you have a wonderful 2 weeks off and come back in January feeling refreshed!

Nursery Team

We’re almost there!

This week in Nursery the children have been very busy! We have lots of Christmas activities still on the go and we are working hard to perfect our songs for our Nativity performance next Wednesday!

This week we also welcomed two new bunny rabbits – Norman and Jimbo. The children have loved seeing the rabbits each day and are learning all about how to look after them properly.

We also had a fantastic time at lunchtime on Friday – we had Christmas dinner, sat in a long line all together and even got a cracker each to pull which was very exciting! The children all wore their hats for lunch and enjoyed listening to Christmas songs too!

It’s Christmas in Nursery!

The children came back on Monday to find a Christmas tree, twinkling lights and a manger in Nursery! They were so excited. We have had lots of fun this week dressing up, getting started with our Christmas crafts and activities and have even had time for lots of singing and dancing!

Please don’t forget to send in a costume for your child for our class nativity that will be taking place on Wednesday 16th December.

Please could you also send me a photo of your child reading a story book at home, this could be a favourite from home or their new library book from Nursery (

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What DO You See?

This week the children have loved looking at this story. We have had lots of colourful activities in the classroom and have been doing some work on matching and naming colours and animals. The children can easily read along with this story book which is lovely.

Each key group have been hard at work making their own version of the Brown Bear story. Once all of the children have completed a page and the books are finished I will share some pictures of them!

In the coming week we will be transforming the classroom yet again into something very Christmassy. The children are already learning simple Christmas songs (jingle bells, we wish you a Merry Christmas, when Santa got stuck up the chimney, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer) so it would be great if you could practice these at home too!

Please send me a picture of your child reading their favourite book for a lovely display in Nursery!


This week we have been learning Diwali dances and songs and looking at the celebration and the Festival of Light. The children have loved looking at all of the colours and the celebrations that go on at this time.

We have also done some beautiful sponge paintings of some Owl Babies – we used white paint and sponges to create the owl feathers and then stuck orange eyes on top! It looks exactly like the book front cover. We will be reading Owl Babies and thinking about the nights now that they are darker.

This week we also starting thinking about sounds during our first phonics session at carpet time. This week we looked at ‘m’. Here is a link to a youtube video on how to pronounce each sound.

Make sure to check our our virtual tour of school if you haven’t already – it shows off our lovely Nursery!

What a busy week!

This week we have been looking at lots of different things. We started off by looking at poppies and why they are an important flower. We looked at a lovely cbeebies remembrance film which gave the children an idea about what happened all those years ago and why we take time to remember. You can watch it here

We then started to think about the upcoming celebration Diwali. There are beautiful fabrics hanging around nursery and the children have loved making Diwa lamps. Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights and the lamps are usually placed outside peoples homes as a spiritual protector.

Last but not least – we have also been baking this week! Children in Need is today (Friday 13th) so we thought that we would make some pudsey bear inspired biscuits!

After the Storm

This week at Nursery we focused on the story ‘After the Storm’, a Percy the Park Keeper story. The children loved the pictures and animals in this story and it was very relevant with the cold dark, windy, foggy weather coming in after the half term. We took part in lots of fun activities including pastel drawings, painting, chalking and lots more. The children loved having Percy’s Hut up in the classroom and used it as a picnic area or a relaxing reading space.

We also introduced ‘growler’ – our worry monster. If anyone has a worry, we can feed it to growler and he eats our worry up. The worry then lives in his tummy which means we don’t have to carry our worry around anymore. This has been a real hit with the children, they have been so engaged with this and with the story to go with him. We have also started to discuss our feelings each day with the children and showing them that you can feel lots of different things and sometimes you can feel more than one thing at once. They each have their picture and they can move themselves into the boxes throughout the day.