Thursday 1st April

Good morning, I hope that some of you have managed to enjoy some of the sunshine over the past couple of days. I keep refreshing my weather app and seeing snow(!?) forecast so fingers crossed that it changes before we get snow again.

We’re at the end of another term and we will be welcoming yet more children to Nursery when we return. We will be settling in new children ready for their first term at Nursery and we will also be preparing our older children for their transition in Reception and enjoying their last term at Nursery!

Today, why not try dancing! The children loves dancing at school and we do lots of wake up shake up style routines which they love! Just dance on youtube have a variety of dances for the children to copy varying in levels of difficulty. One of our favourite ones is ‘I gotta feeling’ – the children choose a partner, decide between themselves who they will copy and off they go. It would be great if a sibling could join in or a parent. I always join in at Nursery as it is so much fun!

Just one last thanks to everyone for all of your support over this past term, even though we’re gutted to have missed this last week of learning in Nursery, I am still so pleased that the majority of us have been enjoying being back with our friends since January.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter holidays and once we are all out of isolation we can enjoy seeing some friends and being outdoors again!

Wednesday 31st March

Good morning. Today why not make some fruit skewers/lollies with your child. Taking them into the kitchen and supervising them chop up fruit would be great for them. The children love baking and cooking at school and have looked at using sharp knifes carefully and it would be great if they could do this at home too.

Rainbow Fruit Skewers - Finger Prickin' Good

Tuesday 30th March

Today is meant to be a lovely day so hopefully you can spent some time in the garden. Today why not try a classic game of eye spy? The children love this game and you can do it wherever you are. This will help children with the initial sounds in words. If they are struggling use colours, eg I spy something green…it’s the grass!

Phase 1 Phonics I Spy Game | I spy, with my little eye... - YouTube

Monday 29th March

Good morning, I hope that you all had a lovely weekend. I will be blogging every day this week with a simple but fun activity or challenge for you to do at home.

Here is the challenge/activity that I have chosen for today:

Kim’s Game

Place some familiar objects on a tray and cover with a cloth. Without your child seeing, take a toy away and then remove the cloth—can they tell which one is missing? This game is good fro memory skills which improve reading and writing. It is also good to support your child learn new words.

Kim's Game | Real Play Coalition

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

We had beautiful weather for the first half of this week and we took advantage of it in Nursery and went on a Bear Hunt! The children had been taking part in bear hunt activities inside and we so confident with the story that we took it outside.

We set up each section of the story and as we walked around we retold it. The children knew all of the words and thought it was great. We have such a fantastic outdoor area that it is brilliant when we can use it like this.

I would like to say thank you to everyone for being so understanding re: the nursery bubble collapse yesterday. It has come as a shock to us all and we are so incredibly pleased and proud to have made it this far without collapsing sooner. We have over 55 children in Nursery at any one time which comes with seeing 55 sets of parents each day, along with 5 members of staff.

Next week
I will blog every day next week and set a home learning challenge. These will be small, achievable activities or tasks for the children to complete at home that day. It would be great to see some pictures uploaded to tapestry or emailed to me and I will share them on this blog. Please keep practicing their name writing, they were all becoming so confident and the progress we have seen this term has been amazing! Try to read at least one story a day to your child or have a sibling read to them. We had some lovely Easter activities planned for next week so perhaps you could have a go at your own Easter craft at home!


This week has gone by so fast, we can’t believe it! Having all of the children back in makes such a difference and we have all been very busy all week.

Mr Amblin looks after our school grounds and has been working very hard behind the scenes to prepare the grounds for the spring and summer months. This week we have been out of the classroom and out of the nursery bubble exploring them. It is a great time to go to see the new pond, paths and fairy doors that have appeared as the children are learning about their environment and can now see themselves in the wider picture of the whole school. We have pointed out where other classrooms are, where the playgrounds are, we have visited the orchard and have seen the MUGA being resurfaced. We have also had a go on the trim trail as the ground is not too wet and muddy anymore and the children have loved this as well as sitting around the fire pit and thinking about what we could do there when we visit again.

Being out of class and moving around school has some massive teaching points – walking sensibly, lining up, listening to instructions and so on. We hope to be doing more and more of this as the weeks go on. Here are some lovely pictures of our trip around school.

Next week we will be moving on the think about ‘Bears’! Winter is almost over and bears are coming out of hibernation. We will be reading the much loved story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. Lots of the children already know this story but it is one that will never get old or boring. We will be doing some outside hunts and will also be starting the think about the upcoming Easter celebration. Have a great weekend.

Please send all Nursery library books and bag back before the Easter holidays as we are going to be collecting them all in over the next two weeks and having a re-shuffle as lots of children have made their way through a lot of the books already. If you have any book appropriate for 3/4 year olds and would like to donate to our Nursery library then please drop them with a member of nursery staff. Thank you!

Science Week!

This week has been fairly exciting in Nursery as it has been Science Week! The children have been taking part in fun science experiments and talking about them. We have learnt words like ‘experiment’, ‘predict’, ‘erupt’. Here are some lovely photos of what we have been up to.

We have also welcomed back even more children so we almost have everybody in Nursery. Safe to say we are very busy but the children are loving being back with their friends, back in Nursery and back to a routine.

Just a quick reminder – please make sure your child has sensible shoes on (preferably no laces unless they can be pulled on independently, Velcro is great or stretchy laces.) We obviously help the children when they are struggling but it is increasingly difficult to put on everybody’s shoes and coats with the number of children that we have. Most of the children are now fantastic at doing their own coats and shoes and enjoy helping their friends when they are stuck, however a few children are still struggling. Please let them do it for themselves at home (I know time isn’t always on your side) and show them tips and tricks to pull shoes on or turn arms the right way out in their coat.

Also the weather can only get better but please send your child with spare trousers, socks, t-shirts and pants incase they get wet. The children are more than welcome to come in wellies as they all should have a pair of slippers that they change into when they come inside. We play outside in all weathers and the children cannot stay away from the puddles. We endeavor to change the children if they are very wet however if it is close to home time and you are waiting for us to open the gate, we may send them out to you with wet trousers as changing all of the children at this time of day is unmanageable. We hope that you understand and can support us with this.

Oi! Get Off Our Train

This week we have been sharing lots of stories but the one we have been focussing on has been ‘Oi! Get Off Our Train’. It is a lovely story and the children have been so engaged. We have been learning about story mats – pictures from the story, usually characters but can include other important things such as objects. We have been looking at finding the pictures on the story mat and noticing that there is a word next to it that tells us what it is. Here are a couple of examples of the work we have been doing this week.

We have also enjoyed sharing our favourite stories from home for World Book Day. The children thought coming in pyjamas was great and loved showing their friends their stories from home.

Next week we will be welcoming back yet more children and we will have a very full Nursery once again. An email was sent out to all parents re: new timings for next week so please see that for next week.

We will be asking Nursery parents to walk your child to the brown gate in the playground – come in the main gate or Nursery lane gate and walk through the playground to meet me at the gate. You will need a mask to come onto site so please remember to bring one. It will be busier than we are used to as of Monday so please be aware that parking could now be an issue.

Home time will be much the same with an adult walking down our morning children to meet parents at the main school gate (like normal). I will also still be collecting the afternoon children from the main school gate just before 12 (like normal). We will be letting the children go at the end of the day through the same brown gate as that has been working well.

Thank you for your support. If you are unsure about anything please catch me on a morning or home time or email me

The Train Ride

We have had a lovely week back after the February half term holidays and the children are back into the swing of the Nursery routine. They have loved having the cars out in the classroom for our new topic ‘Transport’. We will be thinking about this for the next 5 weeks and will be reading lovely stories about different modes of transport. This week we have been focussing on ‘The Train Ride’. It is a lovely story and we have a big book of it in Nursery so the pictures are even more magical, vibrant and colourful.

This week some of our activities have included pastel colouring, paint rolling and transport mark making. The children learned how to use pastels (rubbing them on their side rather than holding them upright like a normal colouring pencil). They have looked at the marks that wheels can make on paper when they are rolled through paint, and they have enjoyed looking at small books and copying the pictures from them.

We have been talking a lot about name writing with you and the children and I want to reiterate that there is NO PRESSURE for the children to be writing their name or holding their pencil correctly at this age!! It is all just good practice and the children actually enjoy doing it and showing their names to their friends. We are getting all of the children involved in Nursery, even the ones who have just started with us so that everyone feels included and confident when picking up a pen or pencil for mark making. The improvement that we have seen not only in the children’s physical attempts at their name but also their confidence has been incredible! Here are some lovely examples of their hard work.

Next week we are going to be reading the story ‘Oi! Get Off Our Train’. Another lovely story about a train and animals. The children will be doing some more fun activities so keep your eyes peeled and be sure to ask them about it!

Last week of half term

We’ve made it through another half term! Another strange one but having lots of the children here everyday has been great, especially for them!

We have finished off our Traditional Tales topic and ended by baking gingerbread this week.

This half term we read The 3 Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Gingerbread Man. The children know these stories and absolutely love them, and it has been great seeing their confidence grow throughout the half term acting out the stories with their friends.

I have added (hopefully) a video of our display which showcases some lovely pictures and work that we have been busy doing. The children love seeing themselves on the walls in nursery and it is great to remind them what we have been doing.

We have also been celebrating Chinese New Year. Hopefully the children have been telling you about it as they have been using chopsticks to eat yummy food that Mrs Fan made at home for us, dressing up in traditional clothing, playing with toys and listening to Mrs Fan read stories in chinese!

Thank you to everyone who sent in a picture of your child reading. I have also attached the video to show you what this looks like!