This week we have been learning Diwali dances and songs and looking at the celebration and the Festival of Light. The children have loved looking at all of the colours and the celebrations that go on at this time.

We have also done some beautiful sponge paintings of some Owl Babies – we used white paint and sponges to create the owl feathers and then stuck orange eyes on top! It looks exactly like the book front cover. We will be reading Owl Babies and thinking about the nights now that they are darker.

This week we also starting thinking about sounds during our first phonics session at carpet time. This week we looked at ‘m’. Here is a link to a youtube video on how to pronounce each sound. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6OiU2h3sUI

Make sure to check our our virtual tour of school if you haven’t already – it shows off our lovely Nursery! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MVYk4bvldQ&feature=emb_logo

What a busy week!

This week we have been looking at lots of different things. We started off by looking at poppies and why they are an important flower. We looked at a lovely cbeebies remembrance film which gave the children an idea about what happened all those years ago and why we take time to remember. You can watch it here https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04p4zsl.

We then started to think about the upcoming celebration Diwali. There are beautiful fabrics hanging around nursery and the children have loved making Diwa lamps. Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights and the lamps are usually placed outside peoples homes as a spiritual protector.

Last but not least – we have also been baking this week! Children in Need is today (Friday 13th) so we thought that we would make some pudsey bear inspired biscuits!

After the Storm

This week at Nursery we focused on the story ‘After the Storm’, a Percy the Park Keeper story. The children loved the pictures and animals in this story and it was very relevant with the cold dark, windy, foggy weather coming in after the half term. We took part in lots of fun activities including pastel drawings, painting, chalking and lots more. The children loved having Percy’s Hut up in the classroom and used it as a picnic area or a relaxing reading space.

We also introduced ‘growler’ – our worry monster. If anyone has a worry, we can feed it to growler and he eats our worry up. The worry then lives in his tummy which means we don’t have to carry our worry around anymore. This has been a real hit with the children, they have been so engaged with this and with the story to go with him. We have also started to discuss our feelings each day with the children and showing them that you can feel lots of different things and sometimes you can feel more than one thing at once. They each have their picture and they can move themselves into the boxes throughout the day.

The end of the first half term…

Well done everyone, we have made it through the first half term! It is always the most difficult and tiring, especially in Nursery when everything is new for children and parents and it’s getting back into that routine. We have had such a wonderful 7 weeks getting to know the children and settling into Nursery life. We hope that you have also felt this way!

This week we have continued our Autumn topic and as well as having a camera crew in to film the virtual tour of school, the beautiful school photo proofs have arrived back! We are so pleased with how they have turned out.

Over the holidays we would love it if you could continue to practice these things with your children:

– Putting their own coats on – especially how to turn their arms back the correct way when they are inside out (this causes massive amounts of confusion!!)
– Taking their own shoes off
– Putting their own shoes on – trying to find ways which work for you, some shoes have a tab on the back that they can pull on with their thumb, some shoes need pulling out at the front etc
– Practicing recognising their own name – having a few words including their name written out and having them find their name. What sound does their name start with?

Have a great week off!


This week we have transformed nursery into an autumnal scene. We have Percy the park keepers hut in provision as well as lots of his lovely books. We have an autumn display using all of the fantastic things that you collected on your autumn walks and we have had lots of squash, pumpkins and other rightly coloured autumn veg out for the children to explore and be curious about.

We have been doing conker rolling and leaf printing as our activities this week which the children have loved. We have been singing autumnal songs and been looking carefully at what happens to the leaves from the trees at this time of year.

Our Nursery

We have been working hard on making sure that all of the children are represented in Nursery so that they know they are part of our team. We have enjoyed having lots of mirrors in Nursery this half term and the children have absolutely loved looking at themselves, their friends and the staff. We have been looking at similarities and differences between different people and what joins us together as well as makes us unique. Here is our display!

We have also enjoyed baking bread like the little red hen! We have been listening to the story for two weeks now so the children are very comfortable and confident with what happens. They all helped each other bake the bread and enjoyed taking it home afterwards.

The Little Red Hen

This week we started to look at the story of the little red hen. She wanted to bake some bread and nobody would help her! They all offered to eat the bread once she had baked it though! The children thought that this was very selfish of the other animals and we talked a lot about helping others and kindness to link to our RE value this week.

We also have been out into the woods looking at leaves which the children have absolutely loved! They each went out with an adult and explored the woods.

Settling in

This week we have seen the arrival of yet more nursery children and they are all doing brilliantly. The children are forming relationships with each other and with their key worker and adults in nursery. This is such an exciting time for them and we have been having lots of fun!

Please remember to let us know what time you will be collecting your child at the end of the day as there is now a charge in place – please see the email you received with more information about this.

Please remember to send your child with a pair of slippers and easy to get on outdoor shoes!

First week back at Nursery.

We are so pleased to have welcomed back our returning nursery children. They have been so grown up and settled straight back in – even with the new morning pick up from the gate and not having adults inside. This has worked really well so far for us but if you have any feedback or comments about morning or afternoon transitions then please let me know!


Here are a few things we have been up to this week:

Please send your child with a bag of clothes to keep on their peg for the half term. We will send the bag home if there are wet clothes inside but we will aim to keep it on your child’s peg for as long as possible. Please also remember to send indoor shoes in with your child- these could be any type of slippers but try to make them something your child will recognise.

We are washing our hands on arrival at Nursery and at many times throughout the day, the children are all really good at this and are taking themselves to do hand washing before being prompted by an adult which is fantastic!

We are looking forward to some of our new children starting from Wednesday next week. If there is any confusion about your child’s start date or time then please email me – I did send out clarification emails this week, however if you are unsure then please ask.

Have a great weekend!

The Nursery Team