The first day of June and some school are getting ready for children to go back. We hope you all had a lovely half term break and enjoyed the weather as much as possible.

As we go into the last half term before the summer holidays and with year 6, Year 1 and Reception being invited back to school I will be posting your photos each day as I have been doing throughout lockdown, with the only change being I will no longer post a daily activity idea. With more preparation going into returning to school and with summer fast approaching, our recommendations are supporting your child as best you can with challenges such as counting, name writing and recognition, fine motor skills and control, listening and attention and their health and well being.


We have reached the end of half term and the sun is shining. We have heard that you’ve been enjoying taking longer walks and waving to friends in the street.

Have a go…

Why not get the water pistols out and play in the garden? Or grab the washing up bucket and some sponges and go to the green! Maybe add some soap to make yourself some bubbles, or food colouring to get coloured water! Explore and stay cool.


It has been so lovely to see lots of you this week via Google meet. Thank you to all those who attended and I hope the children enjoyed seeing their friends as much as we did.

Lots of you have been learning to ride bikes, taking long walks in the woods and exploring more of the outdoors which has sounded great!

Have a go…

Today why not set up an obstacle course outside to practice your gross motor skills such as jumping, hopping, skipping, twisting, ducking and coordination. Get the whole family involved or time yourself and see how fast you can complete it in!


Lots of families celebrated Eid over the bank holiday weekend. If you have any lovely pictures from Eid then please send them in! Here are a few from over the weekend.

Have a go…

With some children returning to school in the next half term it is more important than ever to maintain social distancing rules. Why not use different objects to measure out 2 metres and show the children how this length can be made up.

How many dinosaurs can you line up in 2 metres? How many hands or feet is that?

This will help the children to grasp the concept of length whilst also being relevant and engaging.


We hope that you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and have some fun things planned for the half term holidays.

Have a go…

I have seen some children have been doing this already but I have noticed a few snakes popping up when I am out walking… rock snakes!

You may have seen the pebbles that people have been decorating, well now they are transforming them into snakes. Why not find a pebble to decorate and add it to the end of a snake in your local area. If there isn’t a snake, why not start one!